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CAT 66, shown with standard cloth grille removed

The CAT 60 family offer stand-alone full range, high SPL performance in 90 x 40 (CAT 69) and 60 x 40 (CAT 66) directivities. For music and speech reinforcement as well as for cinema and critical studio monitoring applications, Frazier's CAT 60 family products are unparalleled.


bulletPerforming Arts Theaters
bulletCinema Screen Speakers
bulletRecording Studios

Available Options

bulletSuspension systems - threaded rod internal links with pan fittings or rod extensions
bulletSubwoofer - F2610 single 18" vented system extends LF bandwidth to 30 Hz

CAT 66 data sheet (pdf format)

CAT 69 data sheet (pdf format)

F2610 data sheet (pdf format)



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